June 15, 2018


by Josh Brown
As Reported on June 15 2018 at

E3 week has come to a close, and just as it’s the biggest week in gaming for consoles, it’s been a massive week for Arena of Valor! Hitting the Esports scene hard with the Valor Series competition over the last few months, it all came down to a gripping finale at the ESL Arena in one of the many halls making up the yearly gaming convention in Los Angeles. Your NA and EU AoV World Cup representatives have been crowned, but the week saw plenty of Arena of Valor news hit the usual channels.

Valor Series Finale Live From The ESL Arena at E3

Without a doubt, the Valor Series Final was the highlight of the week. Months of competition culminated in two exciting days of professional level play in a bid to crown the teams that would go on represent both Europe and North America at the Arena of Valor World Cup next month. Immortals went on to push through the competition after a stellar showing in the weeks leading up to the event, with ESL legends For the Dream fighting to earn their place in the World Cup.

But the likely winners weren’t the highlight of the show. That spotlight goes to FLIPSID3 Tactics. Originally known as Team One Trick, they’re the bunch who just missed out on the E3 trip during the qualifiers, only to be awarded a place when Team Upsla dropped out due to schedule conflicts. Automatically becoming the underdog, Team One Trick then saw their luck climb higher as professional Esports organisation, FLIPSID3 Tactics, offered to take them under their wing.

Although they didn’t go on to win the whole thing, I think most can agree that it wasn’t expected. A few weeks of training wouldn’t have been enough to go from a dodging elimination through a technically to besting the strongest team in the house. But they certainly came close. Despite the opposition, FLIPSID3 managed to make it to the quarter final, only losing out to Immortals – the team that went on to win the whole thing. GG, FLIPSID3. You’re going places.

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